Fiesta Verde 2014

  • 10 May 2014
  • 6:00 PM - 11:00 PM
  • Toronto Zoo Atrium, 361A Old Finch Ave. Toronto, Ontario M1B 5K7
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What is Fiesta Verde?

Fiesta Verde is the annual dinner and fundraiser for the Canadian Organization for Tropical Education and Rainforest Conservation. It is the event of the year that celebrates the diverse and fragile beauty of one of the most important ecosystems found on the planet, the rainforests. COTERC is working to protect rainforests through research and education but we need help to reach our goals. It is our hope that Fiesta Verde will offer you much entertainment and education while gathering funds for COTERC that will keep the Organization viable well into the future.

What Does Fiesta Verde Include?

- Dinner and cash bar (menu)
- Silent Auction and other unique gifts for sale
- A film of Caño Palma Biological Station’s bird monitoring programs
- Presentation by a featured Ornithologist
- Special bird visitor courtesy of the Toronto Zoo
-Special COTERC announcements and surprise unveiling ceremony

What is the Theme for This Year?

“Sharing Beauty, The Migratory Birds of Canada and Costa Rica”

Many species of birds spend their warmer seasons here in Canada but move south all of the way to Costa Rica for the winter. Some of these species are even found at the Cano Palma Biological Station which is operated by COTERC. These migratory birds are a perfect symbol for us of the integrated connections that are shared between very different parts of the world. They also show us the importance of maintaining these ecosystems in a healthy state so that these birds and many other creatures can continue to call them home.

Much like these migratory species, COTERC utilizes both Costa Rica and Canada to spread the message of rainforest conservation. The ongoing research being completed at the Biological Station by the multitude of hard working volunteers continues to collect data about the plants and animals in the region. This information can then be used in Canada to help educate about the rainforests and demonstrate the dynamic life that is found there. This education leads many people to want to assist so they will venture to the Station and lend a hand. It is a circle that we hope to keep going and with the funds generated from Fiesta Verde, we will be able to do just that.
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