Marketing Eco-products: Increasing awareness or Greenwashing?

  • 18 Apr 2016
  • 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
  • Centre of Social Innovation (CSI) Annex, MEETING ROOM #1 (2ND FLOOR)

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Did you know that 60-80% of the environmental footprint of an individual comes from the products she/he consumes/uses?

So, one can reduce her/his impact significantly by choosing "Eco-products". But, what defines an Eco-product?  Who is there to validate? Do customers care about Eco-products? How can companies increase awareness? What are the risks?

During the session, we will investigate various definitions of an Eco-product used by different organizations, look at the regulatory requirements on Eco-labeling, access the risks of Greenwashing, as well as look at some successful and bad examples of marketing campaigns.  

We are very pleased to have Christine Korol as our guest speaker to share with us her knowledge about different aspects of third party environmental certifications.

It will be an interactive and engaging session, like the previous one! 

Guest Speaker bio: 
Christine Korol has worked in the field of forest certification for the past 8 years, focusing specifically on FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification.  

Christine worked with Rainforest Alliance for over 7 years, as a FSC Chain-of-Custody auditor, FSC Forest Management auditor, as well as overseeing Rainforest Alliance's forest management portfolio for Ontario, and later on, the rest of Canada. Christine has led FSC audits in almost very province in Canada, as well as in Kalimantan, Indonesia. 

Christine has a Masters degree in Forest Conservation, and currently lives in Toronto where she is a certification consultant.

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