Environmental Commissioner of Ontario - Smart Grid Live Webchat

  • 03 Mar 2015
  • 2:00 PM
  • Web Chat


The Commissioner will be hosting a live chat to talk about his recent Smart Grid report, and have a discussion of smart grid policy progress in Ontario. Come and learn more about Ontario's possible sustainable energy future. 

Smart from Sunrise to Sunset is an educational tool to help Ontarian’s imagine what a day in the life of our future Smart Grid might look like from the customer perspective where:
• Distribution utilities can balance electricity supply and demand by storing energy for later use during peak periods, avoiding the use of fossil-fuelled generators.
• Smartphone apps will monitor people’s electricity usage, and suggest actions to lower consumption and save them money.
• Appliances will be able to automatically reduce demand and shift usage to lower-priced time periods, rather than use expensive electricity during times of peak demand.
• Utilities can react quickly to any outage, rerouting power and restoring it to blacked-out neighborhoods using sensors on power lines.
• Utilities could maximize the use of clean electricity produced locally by thousands of homes, businesses and schools.
• Electric vehicles will be scheduled to recharge automatically overnight when the price is lowest and the power is produced by clean, low-carbon generators.
• Eventually, electric vehicle owners may be able to sell the power they don’t need back to the utility, when prices are higher. 

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