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Leading Change 2016: Call for Organizing Committee Directors (Volunteer Opportunities)

02 Sep 2015 1:42 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


Emerging Environmental Leaders Forum 

Tuesday, March 1, 2016 


Organizing Committee Directors 

(Volunteer Opportunities) 

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Connecting Environmental Professionals (CEP) Canada and The Delphi Group, working in conjunction with the GLOBE Foundation, are inviting you to take part in the organization and delivery of the 6th bi-annual Leading Change Forum for Emerging Environmental Leaders – to be held and integrated with the GLOBE 2016 Conference in Vancouver (March 2-4, 2016). 

The Leading Change event is a forum of environmentally and sustainably minded students and young professionals from across Canada; to bring them together and catalyze action on environmental, social and economic issues critical to attaining a sustainable future for Canada and the world. 

The Forum’s mission is to bring together young Canadians between the ages of 19-35 on a bi-annual basis to share ideas, plans, and thoughts, and to create a space where networking, learning and development can prosper. 

We are looking for 5 experienced and enthusiastic individuals to join the Organizing Committee of the Forum as Directors. This Committee will include the Project Manager and 5 Directors. The 5 new Directors will share the following skills: 

  • A detail and task oriented work ethic; 
  • Demonstrated experience working on medium to large scale events and/or campaigns; 
  • A passion for, and/or experience in, the environmental and sustainability sector; 
  • The ability to work in a team of committed volunteers; 
  • The ability to commit between 5 – 7 hours per week (increasing as the event draws near) this fall, winter, and spring. 

The Forum Directors will take direction and guidance from a senior group of environmental and sustainability professionals who have agreed to act as an Advisory Committee. 

Your Role: Each Director will be responsible for a specific area of the organization of the Forum. With the support of the Project Manager, you will develop and implement a work plan. Your responsibilities will include: 

  • Participating in weekly team meetings (conference call); 
  • Updating the Project Manager on the progress of your work; 
  • Supporting other Directors in their efforts. 

As a member of the Organizing Committee and in consultation with each member, Directors will be assigned or choose an area of expertise. Please see the next page for details of the areas of expertise we are looking for. 

Benefits: In this role, you will benefit from meeting and working with an expanded network of emerging environmental leaders, industry experts, as well as exciting and high profile speakers, panelists and project advisors. As a member of the Organizing Committee, you will be coached by the Project Manager helping you develop and strengthen your organizational, communication and leadership skills. You will cultivate a unique roster of contacts in the private, not-for-profit and government sectors, and deliver a high profile and rewarding event. All interested candidates should apply for a Director position. Five candidates will be selected and will be each assigned an area of expertise according to their interest and skills. Flights to/from and accommodation in Vancouver will be provided for all Directors for the duration of the Forum. 

If you are interested in this exciting and dynamic volunteer position, please send your CV and a brief (150 – 450 words) statement outlining your preferred area of focus, why you are interested in this opportunity, and are the best candidate for this position, to: laura@leadingchangecanada.com by Wednesday, September 16th, 2015. 

Areas of Expertise 


  • Work with the Project Manager and Forum’s Advisory Committee to develop a marketing strategy and build on event brand; 
  • Promote and build excitement around the Forum; 
  • Create promotional material; 
  • Update website and event app content; 
  • Use various forms of media to attract young leaders to the Forum. 

Logistics (Vancouver-based) 

  • Coordinate venue bookings, hospitality (catering) and other details for the Forum as well as the Welcome and Closing socials; 
  • Prepare and print contents of the Forum participant’s arrival package; 
  • Prepare all materials required on the day of the Forum (signage, handouts, name tags, etc.); 
  • Make all necessary arrangements for all physical and human resources needed on the day of the Forum. 

Future Leader Engagement 

  • Develop and implement a recruitment strategy for Forum participants; 
  • Manage the application and registration processes; 
  • Respond to requests by applicants and participants for additional information; 
  • Create communications to engage participants before the Forum; 
  • Create and analyze a Forum feedback survey. 

Speaker Communications and Program Management 

  • Work with GLOBE Conference Program directors to coordinate speakers 
  • Keep track of speakers that have been invited to participate and of their response; 
  • Prepare information packages for speakers and mentors to explain the goals of the Forum and how we see their contribution; 
  • Collect all speaker and mentor biographies and photos for the website; 
  • Source and purchase “Thank you” gifts; 
  • Arrange for any special requirements for the speakers and mentors; 
  • Be the main point of contact for speakers and mentors on the day of the Forum. 

Sustainability and Sponsorship 

  • Assist the Advisory Committee to seek out and build connections with companies who want to partner with Leading Change to provide financial and in-kind sponsorship; 
  • Source out and purchase contents for the Forum participant arrival packages; 
  • Maintain and enhance the sustainable event best practices developed at previous Leading Change events, and assist the committee in making the best decisions along the planning process to create an event with as small an environmental footprint as possible; 
  • Create a sustainability report at the conclusion of the event. 

Connect with us online: leadingchangecanada.com 


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